Anthony Puzzo

Anthony Puzzo is the Business Development Team Lead - State Government at Esri

Anthony Puzzo is a senior-level Account Executive and Team Lead for Esri with the State & Local Government practice, based in Washington, DC. Esri is the world leader in geospatial information systems, which provides a powerful platform to discover, use, make and share geographic data, analytics and maps anywhere, any time and on any device. Anthony has over 12 years of experience in information technology, business development and corporate leadership within the enterprise software and information industry. Anthony earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Central Florida in 2001.

Specialties: Business development, strategic planning, solution architecture, consulting, geospatial planning, business IT solution, customer relations, system integration planning


Esri just announced they would integrate Big Data Analysis as part of their enterprise platform, which will be accessible in the desktop application ArcGIS Pro and also in ArcGIS Server. Esri has actually had geoprocessing tools out for a while that work on top of Amazon’s cloud, but they are not well known or easy for the typical user. How do you think integrating Big Data tools in a widely used GIS environment will affect the role of GIS in Big Data? What additional skills will be required of a GIS professional?


Accelerate your App Deployment

Given Esri's 40+ years working with State and Local governments, we have gathered a suite of best practices and examples to redistribute as open source solution templates to help our user base accelerate the application development and deployment process. The solution templates that can be found at are a great resource to help cut development cost and shorten the time to market. During this session, we will highlight some of the new solutions, how they are being used and show a sneak peek of how they will be integrated directly into ArcGIS Pro and Online to have the entire inventory of solutions at your fingertips.