Brian L Haslam

President – CEO, Cityworks – Azteca Systems

BS Geography,1986, and MS Geography, Geomorphology and GIS emphasis,1990, University of Utah. 1988 - 1994, Director of the DIGIT Lab, University of Utah. 1990 - 1994 Associated Instructor Geography - GIS, University of Utah. 1991, developed for Salt Lake City Public Utilities one of the first interfaces between ESRI GIS software and a computer maintenance management system. 1995 turned full time focus to the design, creation and marketing of the Cityworks public asset management software suite designed to leverage local government’s investment in Geographic Information Systems. At Cityworks, he pioneered the GIS-centric paradigm and approach for public asset management for local government for managing infrastructure and other important assets. Cityworks has been successfully adopted by over 600 organizations throughout North America and in Sweden, Australia, Jordan, and elsewhere.

Ron Vincent | GIS Architect/Developer/Consultant/Author

Brian taught me GIS at the University of Utah back in 1991-1992 in Arc/Info 5. He was a great instructor and I certainly learned a lot from him.


Web GIS-centric approach for smart local government organizations now and for the future.