Christopher Uejio

Dr. Christopher Uejio is an Assistant Professor at Florida State University

Dr. Uejio is an Assistant Professor at Florida State University in the Department of Geography and Program in Public Health. For the past thirteen years, he examined how the physical environment influences human health and well-being. Much of his work probes the under appreciated environmental drivers of North American health problems. Dr. Uejio frequently collaborate with federal, state, and local health departments.

For example, Uejio's work suggests inadequately treated drinking water continues to cause childhood illness in many US communities. Similarly, his earlier work tied South African West Nile virus outbreaks to year-to-year changes in summer rainfall. Dr. Uejio also work on extreme heat events, dengue, emerging fungal diseases, vulnerability, and climate change adaptation. He is recruiting motivated, technical, and interdisciplinary graduate students.

Dr. Uejio continues to work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Climate and Health Program. He provides technical guidance on the Building Resilience Against Climate Effects Framework to health departments.


Most GIS Professionals are aware of Dr. John Snow, sometimes known as the father of epidemiology, and his use of mapping the geographic locations of cholera deaths in London to identify the source of the cholera outbreak. What are some modern examples of GIS being used to solve health crises and how do you envision the role of GIS Analysis in identifying potential issues? Could GIS have identified the Flint Water contamination sooner?