Claudia Paskauskas

Claudia Paskauskas is the VHB Southeast Technology Manager

With over 25 years of experience she’s now focused on GIS and big data. Her passion is mentoring professionals to advance their careers.

Specialties: Project management, program management, personnel management, turnaround management, IT, GIS, leadership, leadership training, GIS training, strategic planning, organizational capacity, quality assurance, quality control, competitive analysis, non-profit, government operations, budget, return of investment, public speaker; software development, application development, databases, business development


Smart GIS Program Management: ArcGIS Enterprise Logs to the rescue

Tangible metrics can guide a GIS program to proper allocate resources, identify data and applications maintenance cycles, and learn what stakeholders either utilize GIS or still have not seen its direct benefit. ArcGIS Enterprise Log Manager can enable access to such metrics. The AVA - Analytics Viewer Application was created to better understand the GIS utilization and impacts within the organization by utilizing analytics and metrics to manage a GIS program.