Duane Treadon

Duane Treadon is the Director of GIS for the City of Thomasville, Georgia.


UAVs 4 GIS, Doing it Legally

UAVs, or Drones as some like to call them, have a practical use in GIS. However due to complicated regulations their (legal) use by governments, educational facilities, and the the private sector has been limited. With the long anticipated and hoped for release of Part 107 rules and regulations by the FAA there now is a path to allow their legal use by these entities.

This session will explore the timeline of recent FAA regulations to the current Part 107 regulations and what Part 107 means to those wanting to fly. We will also delve into the process of become legal including tips on the mandatory test. This session will conclude with a review of a few UAV systems are out there, some software options and how UAVs can enhance any GIS program.

So check your sectional charts, get a current METAR report, verify your airspace class and then make a smooth landing into this session that will help you make a smooth take off in your UAV GIS program.

Story Map Presentation

Historic Walking Tour

Take a walk in downtown Thomasville and learn the history behind the buildings you see. Then drive or walk to our historic neighborhoods on Dawson St. and Hansel St. area. Here you will learn interesting history facts behind the historic homes of Thomasville. Can you find the house that was won and lost at least once in a poker game?