Elke Ursin

Elke Ursin is an Environmental Manager at Florida Department of Health

Elke Ursin manages the State of Florida Onsite Sewage Research and Engineering Program with the Florida Department of Health. The program team provides unbiased research on public health and environmental impacts of onsite sewage in Florida, statewide product review and approval of onsite sewage technologies, and technical assistance on statewide environmental health issues to the county health departments, state and federal agencies, interested citizens, and impacted industry. She spearheaded the creation of the Florida Water Management Inventory, which shows the drinking water source and wastewater treatment method for every built property in the state. The results of our program help to shape the onsite sewage industry, which directly impacts anyone involved in understanding, building, or using onsite sewage systems in Florida. Since 2006, Elke has been designing and managing onsite wastewater research projects and serves as the staff liaison to the State of Florida Department of Health Research Review and Advisory Committee, which provides direction on research projects. She started with the Department in 2001, working as an onsite sewage field inspector. Her current focus is on developing practical tools that provide solutions for wastewater management that are inclusive of decentralized systems. She is native to Austin, Texas and is a graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Mathematical Biology. She is a certified Project Management Professional and a Certified Public Manager.

Specialties: Onsite (decentralized) wastewater systems, public health, environmental health, research, public speaking, program management, data analysis, community outreach, program management.


Recognizing the Role of Onsite Wastewater

This small team compiled fragmented drinking water and wastewater data across Florida into a comprehensive electronic map showing the drinking water source and wastewater disposal method for all 9,000,000 parcels in Florida; providing vital information for disaster preparedness and response activities, local planning evaluations, and environmental risk assessments.