Jamie Hughes

Jamie Hughes is a GIS Specialist at CDM Smith

who provides GIS expertise and support to civil, utility, water resources and transportation engineering projects, environmental impact projects and enterprise GIS projects. Her responsibilities include map production, data analysis, database management and data acquisition, creation and maintenance.


Septic Tank Conversion Prioritization using GIS in the Wakulla Springs Springshed

Wakulla Springs has suffered for many years with excessive levels of nitrate sourcing from human activities within its fragile basin. Currently, the major source of this pollution comes from septic tanks in northern Wakulla county and southern Leon county. Several individuals and organizations are working to mitigate the harmful effects of septic tanks effluent on the Wakulla Springs water quality. With the assistance of the Wakulla Springs Alliance, this project seeks to use ArcGIS raster analysis to identify and prioritize septic tanks for recommendation to be abandoned and connected to a centralized or cluster system or upgraded with a more sophisticated technology.