Jim VanRiper

Jim VanRiper is a Technology & Innovations Implementation Manager for the City of Tallahassee

Information Systems Project Manager responsible for implementation, maintenance, support and development of technologies for the City government. Systems include ESRI GIS, GPS and AVL applications, AutoCAD, EMC/Legato Document Management, Accela Permits Plus, ProjectDOX (electronic plans review), Tallahassee Police Department in-car camera system.


Building the Enterprise

The City of Tallahassee is in the process of building a cloud-based geocentric Enterprise Asset Management to track and manage infrastructural assets and other information across multiple City departments ranging from water and wastewater utilities, to public works, facilities, trees, and cemeteries. Each department has its own unique personality - with varying levels of staffing, GIS knowledge, technological capabilities, and goals for asset management. The City's Technology and Innovations department set a bold course to construct an Enterprise asset management system via parallel initiatives to bring multiple departments online individually with the ultimate goal of consolidating those departments into a centrally managed AMS. This presentation will cover some of the challenges and opportunities encountered along the way.