Katherine White is a GIS Analyst for the FL Department of Environmental Protection

She provides GIS support, analysis and database management for the nationally ranked Florida STATEMAP Program and provides comprehensive database management and hygiene of historic data resources.

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Geologic Mapping in Florida: The STATEMAP Program

The Florida Geological Survey STATEMAP Program is a cooperative funding agreement between the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the Florida Geological Survey. The Florida STATEMAP program was first established in 1994 with an award of just $30,000 from the USGS. Since then, it has become one of the premier STATEMAP programs in the United States, with awards in the top five nationally for each of the last three years. Each year the STATEMAP team maps and reports on the geology of a different area of the state. To date, the STATEMAP team has mapped approximately 24,000 square miles of Florida. The data gathered from STATEMAP projects can help scientists, citizens and researchers to identify and interpret geologic features, monitor groundwater quality and quantity, support mineral resources activities, land-use planning and construction project design. Map Link