Katrina Schweikert

Katrina Schweikert is an Applications Specialist at Blue Marble Geographics

GIS specialist with an interest in emergency management, health geography, and international development. Experienced in GIS analysis and teaching GIS, web mapping, cartography and graphic design. Also experienced as a climbing guide and outdoor educator.

Specialties: GIS (Global Mapper, ArcGIS, ENVI, Idrisi, QGIS), data acquisition, data management, quantitative analysis, adobe creative suite, microsoft excel, SPSS, Python, Javascript, batch scripting, research.


Extracting 3D Features from LiDAR Data

As LiDAR data permeates the mainstream, its use and utility is becoming much more widespread and diverse. As a spatial commodity, LiDAR is the raw material from which a wide variety of 3D datasets are generated. Using a series of customizable algorithms applied to the geometric structure and other attributes of the point cloud, buildings, vegetation, utility cables, and other features can be effectively identified, classified, and ultimately extracted into vector models of the features they represent. Subsequently ground points can be isolated and gridded to form an accurate terrain model as the basis for precise volumetric calculation, terrain analysis, and change detection. In this presentation, we explore the workflow in Global Mapper whereby features are identified and extracted from LiDAR data. We walk through the procedures for point cloud filtering and noise removal; identification and automatic reclassification of ground points; 3D building model creation; height calculation of forest canopy and individual trees, and delineation of above-ground utility cables. We will also demonstrate the workflow for manually digitizing identifiable objects in a 3D environment.