Mike Kissane

GIS Developer at City of Tallahassee

I have been developing applications for the City of Tallahassee since 2005. My development has been focused on Geographic Information System applications but I also develop C# ASP.Net applications for internal and external projects. I have migrated from within the ESRI development infrastructure from ArcIMS to WebADF to the JavaScript API. I am currently developing GIS applications using ArcGIS Server services, ESRI’s JavaScript API, jQuery, asp.net services and generic handlers, Bootstrap, and other miscellaneous development tools.


City of Tallahassee Electric Outages

We will review the City of Tallahassee Electric Outage Management process. There are several steps to reporting an outage, analyzing the outage, determining the scope and severity of the outage, alerting the customer if they are affected by the outage, and finally restoring the outage. This presentation will cover the technologies that support these steps. Included but limited to these technologies are ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, Python, .Net, JavaScript, Oracle, SCADA, and Responder.