Philip Griffith

Philip Griffith is a Systems Project Analyst at Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Philip is a member of a team that provides enterprise GIS support for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. He builds tools that focus on data visualization and analysis, creates and maintain the imagery layers and services for the department, develops scripts to manage a data library of over 700 statewide layers, and serves as the point of contact within IT for troubleshooting GIS issues.


Interactive Data Visualization with d3, MongoDB and Flask

A common GIS workflow is visualizing spatial data, then analyzing the result. I believe we should be analyzing spatial data, then visualizing the result. In this talk, I demonstrate one way to do that using free and open-source tools. I analyze the Florida Forever Projects dataset using standard GIS techniques and a custom Python module, then load the results into a MongoDB database. I then use Flask, d3 and GeoJSON to allow the user to interact with the analyzed data through a browser-based web app. I also compare and contrast this approach with the static approach of CLIP 4.0.

Making Better Decisions With The AHP, or Why Maps Are Good For Visualizing Results And Bad For Analyzing Data

AHP is a decision-making method that allows users to structure and analyze complex problems in an intuitive way. In this talk, I'll use examples to show how AHP works, then apply the method to a spatially-oriented problem: suitability analysis. I'll compare and contrast AHP's type of solution with that given by the traditional weighted site selection method and explain why I think AHP provides a better final result.