Kevin Shortelle

Manager, Integrated Systems Group at System Dynamics International, Inc.

Formed Geo2030 Consulting, LLC in May 2014 to provide unbiased technical consulting services to both military and commercial clients, focusing specifically on the use of unmanned aircraft and GIS to collect and spatially display geo-referenced aerial photographs and full motion video.


Assessing ESRI's Drone2Map Application for Processing Aerial Photographs

The presentation demonstrates the use of ESRI’s Drone2Map application to process aerial photographs acquired from a fixed-wing drone. Nearly 100 photographs are processed from an aerial grid survey of 14 acres of crop land to output a high-resolution orthomosaic, DSM, interactive 3D textured mesh, and 3D point cloud. The output dataset is then added to ArcGIS for Desktop for further analyses. The point cloud data is processed to provide a colorized image of the surveyed site, a digital surface model, and a bare-earth (ground) model. The bare-earth model is then compared to USGS DEM data to validate the accuracy of the point cloud data. The point cloud is also imported into ArcScene to provide 3D visualization of the data as a colorized image, digital surface model, and bare-earth model. Finally, the Drone2Map 3D textured mesh is shared as a scene package layer to ArcGIS Online.