Tabitha Frazier

Tabitha Frazier is the Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor for Leon County

Motivated sustainability professional passionate about environmental stewardship and place-making. Innovative and goal-oriented, I am a strong communicator who loves connecting with people and helping teams work more efficiently.

Leon County Tree Challenge
December 12, 2014 release for Tallahassee Democrat Business Developer at Paul Consulting Group, CGCIO

"A new challenge has come to Leon County! It all started when Leon County Government and Village Square (a non-partisan public educational forum) hosted the Club of Honest Citizens at a local coffee shop. The attendees shared ideas on meaningful ways to engage citizens while improving quality of life in our community. What grew from this was the idea of an historical tree database, later named Leon Trees, where citizens could find out more about the trees that make Leon County unique"... More »


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