Yan Trudeau

Yan Trudeau is a Geospatial Enterprise Consultant

Yan Trudeau has worked in the IT industry for the past 18 years. He has been working at Hexagon Geospatial since 2008 acting today as a Geospatial Enterprise Consultant. A strong advocate of helping organization understanding key benefits of applying and maintaining best practices in Enterprise GIS. Yan was instrumental in a strategic and successful enterprise implementation, one of the subject which he will be talking about this year at SHRUG GIS 2016 Workshop. His professional duties are primarily performed with clients, partners and development teams, working with senior management teams to consult and develop business strategy in implementing Enterprise GIS solutions. His day to day include client presentation, business strategy preparation, documentation, and support successful execution and implementation of client’s engagements.


How to be effective in managing your Enterprise Geospatial Data?

The geospatial industry is faced with data volumes growing at an ever increasing rate. Likewise, organizations continue to face challenges associated with raster/point cloud acquisition, raster/point cloud/vector data management and be effective in the delivery of that geospatial data.In this workshop, Yan will introduce how one organization can be successful in solving that key challenge by taking on Enterprise Geospatial Data Management best practices. Yan will highlight a real customer case study, the Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC), whom are maintaining the State of New Mexico Digital Geospatial Data Clearinghouse using Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS APOLLO Enterprise Geospatial Data Management solution.

The workshop will then expand on introducing at a high level Hexagon Geospatial Ecosystem.