Meet the Team Behind SHRUG

Each and every one of our volunteers represent the spirit of our organization: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless SHRUG’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.
Hover over the Volunteer Spotlights below to learn more about our team.
  • Ned Cake

    Workshop: Sponsors, Marketing & Communications

    Twitter | LinkedIn

    Ned Cake: President

    Tallahassee-Leon County GIS

  • Ana Nowak

    Workshop: Registration, Hotel Accomodations

    Ana Nowak: Vice President

    FL Dept. of Transportation

  • Sara Wander

    Workshop: Raffles and Awards

    Sara Wander: Secretary

    Fresh from Florida

  • Duane Tradson

    Workshop: T-Shirts and Videography


    Duane Tradson: Treasurer

    City of Thomasville

  • Chad Thurner

    Workshop: Training


    Chad Thurner: Incorporator

    Nobles Consulting Group

  • Avis Robinson

    Workshop: Swag

    Avis Robinson : Registered Agent

    City of Tallahassee

  • Morgan Runion

    Workshop: Posters & Story Maps


    Morgan Runion

    Florida State University

  • Jason McEachern

    Workshop: Social and Catering

    Jason McEachern

    Tallahassee - Leon County GIS

  • Carolyn Novak

    Twitter | LinkedIn

    Workshop: Web & Print Media

    Carolyn Novak

    Tallahassee - Leon County GIS

  • Steve Levine


    Workshop: Volunteer Coordination

    Steve Levine

    FL Division of Emergency Mgmt.

  • Scott Weisman

    Workshop: Facility and Sponsors

    Twitter | LinkedIn

    Scott Weisman

    Tallahassee - Leon County GIS

  • Zack Wetzel

    Workshop: Presentations


    Zack Wetzel

    Tallahassee - Leon County GIS

SHRUG needs your help! Every year, immediately following the SHRUG workshop, the SHRUG committee meets to begin planning the next SHRUGinar and annual SHRUG Workshop. All committee members are volunteers and without them, these events in our community would cease to exist. Please consider joining the SHRUG Committee for 2018. Meetings are only once a month, you'll help to support and maintain the wonderful history and momentum of this workshop, you'll gather points for your GISP or to renew your GISP and you'll make beneficial connections and friendships with other members of the GIS community. A tremendous amount of thanks and gratitude goes out to our 2017 SHRUG Committee Members and Workshop Volunteers.

If you're interested in joining the SHRUG Committee for the 2018 workshop, please contact Ned Cake