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NameCompany or AgencyPresentation titleBrief Description of Presentation
Adam NeuseDEPMobile Facility AssessmentRapid facility assessment provides high-level maintenance estimations; using Collector enables site visits for up-to-date building evaluations.
Seth BassettCitizens InsuranceSQLServer and PostgreSQL/PostGIS Performance BenchmarksThis presentation will cover benchmarking the relative performance of SQLServer and PostGIS at performing common spatial tasks: intersects, contains, K-Nearest Neighbor distances, and buffers.
Ned CakeTallahassee - Leon County GISMaking Better Webmap Popups With ArcadeThis presentation will provide an overview of Arcade expressions and functions like decode and intersect that can be used to build better webmap popups in ArcGIS Online.
Erin McCormickNavigation Electronics, Inc.What's new with Trimble GNSS equipment and working with Collector for ArcGISIn this presentation I will go over all of the new Trimble GNSS hardware and how it works with Collector for ArcGIS. I will go over the accuracies and capabilities of each device and how it is utilized for different applications. We also will discuss using this equipment with Collector for ArcGIS and the Esri suite of Mobile applications and new developments for these apps.
William CurryUS Census Bureau 2020 Census Geographic Partnership ProgramsIn this presentation I will provide a brief overview of Census 2020 plans and focus on the opportunities for Census collaboration with state and local government liaisons through several different geographic partnership programs. With innovative changes to the design and plans for the 2020 Census, we are also changing the way our geographic partnership programs will operate in 2020.
Alex CarrierHNTBEditing vector tile basemapsTips and tricks on using ESRI's ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor to customize familiar basemaps
William IsaacsFlorida Department of TransportationGIS for Emergency Management in Dispersed AgenciesUsing ESRI's ArcGIS platform to provide situational awareness, field data collection and data editing to multiple districts while maintaining a common operating picture in emergency operations and recovery efforts.
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