General Guidelines for Submissions

If you are proposing a speaker other than yourself, please confirm that he or she is eligible and available to speak on any day of the event.

The speaker agrees to prepare a presentation for the program and agrees to submit it in advance of the event.

Speakers will not be paid an honorarium or reimbursed for expenses.

Please be aware that by participating you consent to your voice, name, and / or likeness will be used without compensation in films, tapes and photos for any and all media.

Submit Your Presentation

Please fill out the following: Form

Upon submission your information will display in the searchable list below.

Primary PresenterSorted By Primary Presenter In Ascending OrderPrimary Presenter Company / AgencySecondary PresenterPresentation TitlePresentation AbstractPresentation Skill Level
Frank ConklingPanda Consulting Parcel Mapping Differences between ArcMap Parcel Fabric and ArcGIS Parcel FabricWith the introduction of the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric, the techniques and procedures used to accurately maintain parcels have changed. This presentation shall review the differences between the two approaches, exploring each for limitations and advantages, and demonstrate best practices for efficiently and accurately maintaining parcels in the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric. Lab
Lisa McKinneyTLCGIS Using Survey 123 for Instruction and ResearchWhat makes a form Smart? In this presentation we will go over the basics.Newbie
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