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Jane DoeRobert DoeHistorical PerspectivesLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec non purus eu libero placerat mollis. Sed a finibus ante. Maecenas iaculis ultricies nulla, scelerisque venenatis mauris consequat in. Ut elementum vitae felis eu accumsan. Phasellus facilisis orci turpis, ac fermentum tortor tincidunt quis. Nullam a nunc vel mi pulvinar facilisis. Sed viverra porta enim, eget ultrices sapien euismod ut. Sed dictum augue sed ex aliquet, vel faucibus est lacinia. Maecenas sit amet sagittis dolor, vel gravida nunc. Cras efficitur eros at libero viverra sodales.
Duane Treadon Thomasville's Civil War Prisoner of War SiteDuring the end of the Civil War in December of 1864 5,000 Union prisoners of war were moved from a prison camp at Blackshear GA to Thomasville as a result of General Sherman's military campaign in Georgia. On arrival in Thomasville, 5,000 Union prisoners, as well as several dozen slaves were put to work digging trenches and chopping down trees about half-mile outside of the Thomasville city limits in what is known today as “Dewey City.” All 5,000 prisoners were in a five to seven acre square enclosure that was demarcated by a twelve-foot trench. Presently, only a small portion of the trench remains visible. Learn more about this historic site through this story map that takes you through its known history to current efforts in uncovering its unknown past.
Artie White Tallahassee Street ArtA virtual tour of street art in Tallahassee, Florida. Focuses on street art in: Cascades Park District The South Monroe Corridor Railroad Square Art Park The All Saints District The Gaines Street Corridor Frenchtown Midtown The street art included in the virtual tour features local, national, and international artists. Street art includes murals, painted driveways, and businesses with large artistic displays.
Artie WhiteDevan Leavins, Florida State University Facilities DepartmentFlorida State University: Campus History, Architecture, and DesignA virtual tour of Florida State University focusing on the history of the campus, the architecture of the buildings on the main campus, and design elements that make Florida State University among the top 10 most beautiful campuses in the nation.
Artie White Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityA virtual tour of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University campus highlighting the designated historic district and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.
Drew Thacker Arlington Plantation Mitigation BankA virtual tour of Arlington Plantation Mitigation Bank (APMB), a 364-acre property removed from timber production to restore and perpetually preserve self-sustaining, functional wetlands and streams in Wilcox County, Alabama.
Tony Cooper South Florida's LegacyThis is a description of the legacy borehole verification process conducted by the Florida Geological Survey and a showcase of the results produced by the South Florida Counties: Martin, Palm Beach, Glades, Broward, and Lee.